Join us to experience Perú; a place recognized by many as the “morning of the new sun” – the portal through which rays of the new light will begin to awaken humanity to a new consciousness.

Throughout history, indigenous societies have held a greater understanding of the living Earth, the Pachamama. Power places of great ancient civilizations, such as Cusco, surrounding areas and Machu Picchu in Perú and Lake Titicaca hold the energies of a new consciousness available to all humanity. The masters of the Andes, who lived and celebrated with an intense conscious connection and interdependency with Pachamama, have left us this legacy.

Our Invitation
Ancient Ways Awaken


We are committed to guide you in a “Life-Changing Spiritual Journey” where you can experience a profound self-discovery while merging with the energy of Power Places in the Andes Mountains and the Amazon region of Perú. Our wish is that you can commune with the sacredness of ancient cultures, traditions, rituals and medicine still present in the land of the Incas!

We welcome everyone who resonates with our mission and who answers to the calling of Pachamama to return to the harmonious “ancient ways of life.”

As Mallku Aribalo states in his book The Awakening of the Puma, “The ancient wisdom of the Andes, still lives in the stones, and each archeological monument is a testimony to a magnificent past. We are now in an accelerating new cycle of illumination and discovery. The beginning of a New Pachakuti (a new cycle of Andean Time) was marked by the awakening of this consciousness…Wiraqocha and Pachamama will lead those who are receptive on this new era of unity.”


Ancient Inca healing ceremonies will highlight our trip together. We will be honored with the presence of the Paq’os of the Q’eros Nation to guide us in Despacho ceremony and in the receiving of Karpay transmission.  Rituals will also be held in Amantaní Island and the Doorway of Aramu Muro in Puno, Perú.



In the Inca Prophecy of "The Eagle and The Condor," The Eagle holds the energies of the North and the Condor holds the energies of the South, Latin America. There was a time when both lived in union and harmony. Now to re-establish balance again, the wisdom of the ancient Condor must travel North and that of the Eagle, South.


For the ancient Andean people, life was measured in cosmic cycles of a thousand years, called Inti or Sun. An Inti was formed of two sets of 500 years, called Pachakuti. For the Andean world the current new era, or Pachakuti, started during the June Solstice of 1992, when Wiraqocha (Supreme God of the Andes) touched the hearts of the new "Children of the Sun".

"This new Pachakuti marks... the beginning of a new cycle, which will take us on an ascending scale to the most outstanding revolution of our human history" - Mallku Aribalo


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Group size is limited to 14 participants on each trip


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