Creating a Sacred bridge
to the Spirit World

"The drum is the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Since energy moves in waves, it is also the heartbeat of the universe." ~ Dawn Sawatsky

We create our life experiences by projecting parts of the self either outward (relationships with others) or inward (dreams, inner journeys, self-reflection, etc.)  The self at the soul level communicates to the mind through images that reveal information on which we base our sense of self.  The sense of self or the understanding of “I,” can be limited or self-sabotaged depending on our beliefs and how we process our experiences.  The ever-deepening levels of self-understanding can be attained by going inwards to access the self at the soul level.  

“Mariscela and Theodore have awakened me beyond what I thought possible.  
Every drumming circle and journey is unique.  The healing stays with me for
weeks.  Infinite thanks for their sharing of their gifts with the circle.”
         Thank You,
               Theresa S., Sacramento


Theodore Upton carries the Native American tradition of his Wailaki lineage, a northwestern California tribe who believed that spirits were present in all objects, inanimate as well as animate.  Theodore, as his ancestors, also acknowledges that the source of the shaman’s power is his ability to communicate with the creator God and to live in harmony with nature. In the Wailaki way of being, the earth and all living things upon it were respected. Only what was needed was taken with reverence and gratitude. Theodore is a healing practitioner in the arts of Reiki, Aromatherapy, Buddhism meditation and Lineage Clearing techniques.


A Shamanic journey – similar to a hypnotic state – is a method of attaining an altered state of self-awareness during non-ordinary reality.  This state is induced with repetitive soundings, such as drums or rattles and in some cases chants.  The images during a Shamanic journey, shows the realities in which the souls is and where is in need of liberation.  This practice also provides access to a higher wisdom where spiritual guidance and healing can be granted.  Shamanic journeys have been practiced by many indigenous cultures for thousands of years and they are believed to be the most ancient way of meditation known to humanity.  During the journeys we recognize and honor the “self” in the stillness and quietness of our inner center!


A Drumming Circle is the opportunity to connect with our community of like-spirited people and to support each other in our sacred journey of self-discovery and healing through spiritual guidance.  During a circle we celebrate life, we support each other, we express our magnificence and we create music in the moment!  The participants sit in a circle to play drums, rattles or any sound maker.  As the energy raises, they are encouraged to express their voices through chants, songs, sounds and dancing.  During the circles we celebrate and empower “everyone” through the expansion and expression of the self!

* Our circles are offered every New Moon and Full Moon to align with the powerful energy of the moon, as it intensifies the purpose of every journey and solidifies our intentions during the drumming.

To check our schedule and attend, contact Mariscela directly at (530)863-0003 or on Facebook.

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