The Key To Unlock Unhealthy Programming

“Men are not prisoners of fate , but prisoners of their own mind”
~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

Our negative thoughts and feelings create patterns of unresolved emotions, limiting beliefs, and judgments. They  can be a result of a difficult or traumatic experience from the past, along with mental programming we received during childhood and adulthood.

We store these wounded parts of ourselves in our subconscious, which attracts situations and people into our lives with similar energy patterns. 


Hypnosis is a state of mind attained when the conscious mind (analytical factor) is relaxed, allowing the subconscious mind to be in an intense state of awareness. Hypnosis is a powerful, natural, and practical method to work with the subconscious mind.

Hypnosis can also be described as a state of “focused awareness and concentration.” Any time you are more focused on a project in front of you and less focused on your outside surroundings, you are in a light state of hypnosis.  In Hypnosis you:

  • Do retain your will

  • Are consciously aware

  • Remember what is said

  • Remain always in control

  • Are present in your body

  • Will not divulge secrets

  • Accept or reject a suggestion

  • Can end session at any time


Hypnosis is a natural technique that utilizes the power of your own mind. During hypnosis, you become more resourceful and creative because you have access to deeper levels of your subconscious, where your inner-wisdom lays. While being hypnotized, you can access long-forgotten memories, control pain, promote self-healing, and become more intuitive. In hypnosis, you are also more receptive to positive suggestions that promote desired changes.


  • Stop smoking

  • Control weight

  • Reduce stress

  • Stop drinking alcohol

  • Increase Self Confidence

  • Improve sleep & relaxation

  • Improve health and well-being

  • Control pain and dental anxiety

  • Overcome test and public speaking anxiety

  • Manage anger

  • Heal from depression

  • Overcome fears & phobias

  • Expand personal and spiritual growth

  • Increase motivation and creativity

  • Discover root of traumas with age and past life regression

  • Find and live your true purpose and more…


During a Hypnotherapy Session, you comfortably lie on a recliner while listening to a soft music in the background. I will gently guide you to achieve a pleasant state of physical and mental relaxation. In this state, you will bypass the critical factor of your conscious mind and you will access your subconscious mind. This is where the energy you one used to recreate old patterns becomes available for you to creative positive ones.

A healing session could include Hypnotherapy, Light-Color-Energy Healing, Shamanic Healing, EFT and Reiki.

Disclaimer: You will progress in your own way at your own pace. The results attained from the sessions may vary widely and depend on the individual. Mariscela Alvarez is not a licensed psychologist or medical health professional. Mariscela Alvarez does not either diagnose or treat medical conditions, and does not interfere with treatment of licensed medical professionals.   Hypnotherapy is an alternative or complementary service not currently licensed by the State of California.


“Through your compassionate, genuine and capable guidance, I’m truly more of
the person that I’ve always wanted to be. You’ve shown me that I don’t have to
stay locked into a… constant struggle to remain positive. If I could, I would
finance each and every person in the world in which, to experience your hypnotherapy and meditation C.D.’s. I’ve found such a deep peace and a new outlook on life that in my past, I did not even allow myself to hope for… I pray
that others will find you and learn that they too can find this sense of peace, joy,
and just letting go”
         With Warmest Regards,
             Carroll L., Roseville, CA

Read About How Carroll Overcame Depression & Took Control Of Her Life

“I am an educator who needed closure in some parts of my life. Mariscela Alvarez provided me with understanding, compassion and professionalism. The tools she used in her practice inspired and self empowered me. I was able to bring my body, mind, and spirit back into harmony with her guidance. Mariscela has given me the inner peace that forms a strong spiritual core. She is a great healer.”

Love and Gratitude
Laura D., Cool

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