March 17-30, 2023



Mariscela Alvarez & Theodore Upton, dba Free Your Spirit – 863-0003

During this era of definite transformation to a higher sense of being and to fulfill our cosmic mission, the ancient knowledge of our ancestors is crucial to remember our star origins.   Our ancestral families from the stars and Mother Terra, created power places of magnificent civilizations such as sacred Egypt, which carry energetic portals to restore our long-forgotten memories of our Divine Essence.

This Spiritual pilgrimage to the land of Khem (ancient name for Egypt,) is a Self-discovery journey beyond time and space.  It is a clear symbol of Unity and connection; of ritual and healing; of mysticism and remembrance that we are the Awaken Ancestors of the Future, the ones who can create the New Earth where our future generations are inspired to embrace their Divine potential!

The Egyptians did believe that death was not the end of life.  Instead, it was the path to a new life, a new beginning.  Knowing that we are eternal beings going through a process of transformation in every lifetime, we invite you to travel with us to Egypt.  This trip promises to resurrect our conscious soul’s agreement to become the changes we want to experience, while focusing our hearts and minds in the expansion of Love and Peace on Earth!

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Your journey to the sacred land of Egypt, begins by departing from your place of origin to the city of Cairo.

DAY 2 (Saturday, March 18, 2023) – ARRIVE TO CAIRO
Today you arrive to Cairo International Airport. Our English-speaking representative will meet you to assist with your visa and transport you to our hotel. We’ll stay at the Movenpick 6 of October or Helnan Dream Hotel (or similar.) After resting we’ll gather at 6 pm for our “welcoming dinner” and to meet Ahmed, our expert guide, who will give us an orientation and guidelines for our trip.

Cairo International Airport

Included: Dinner. We spend the night in: Cairo.

Movenpick Hotel Cairo

Spiritual Practice: We’ll share our intentions as the foundation of our sacred journey. We’ll talk about the Ancient Ways, the Tree of Life, the Ancient Sephra and the Neteru of Egypt.

We’ll learn more about this amazing ancient Egyptian culture by visiting one of the largest, most modern, and most renowned museums in the entire world, expected to be completed in November of 2022. The Grand Egyptian Museum will host about 100,000 ancient artifacts, 4,549 from the tomb of the famous King Tut Ankh Amon, as well as an impressive statue of Ramses II.

After lunch we’ll visit the famous Coptic Cairo known as the fortress of Christianity (until Islamic rule,) where the Holy Family visited and stayed. This is one of the most historic and beautiful spots in the heart of old Cairo, with some buildings going back to the 6th century BC. If time allows, we’ll also visit a Papyrus Institute.

Included: Breakfast and dinner.We spend the night in: Cairo.

Cavern where Holy Family stayed

Spiritual Practice: We’ll commune with the Neteru (the most powerful creation of Neter, the almighty) in the museum in preparation to receive an energy transmission in the Great Pyramid tomorrow.
In Coptic Cairo, we’ll prepare to enter the sacred by going to the ancient seat of 3 major religions – Muslim, Jewish and, Christian – laid on top of Ancient Egyptian religion.

DAY 4 (Monday, March 20, 2023) – PYRAMIDS OF GIZA, THE GREAT SPHINX
We have arranged for an early 2-hours PRIVATE VISIT to the Great Pyramid, also called The Pyramid of King Cheops. This is the largest pyramid in Egypt and the only survivor of the seven wonders of the ancient world. We’ll spend some time in the King’s chamber, the Queen’s chamber, and a third chamber.

We’ll return to the hotel for breakfast. Later this morning we’ll go again to visit and hear the magical history of the pyramids of King Cheops (Khufu,) Kefren (Chephren,) and Micerinus (Menkaure) from the IV dynasty.

Next, we visit the area of The Great Sphinx, considered the most powerful vortex point on the planet as it contains the knowledge of our true origin. We’ll end our day by visiting a Cotton Store.

Great Pyramids of Giza

Included: Breakfast and dinner.We spend the night in: Cairo.

The Great Sphinx

Spiritual Practice: As we chant in the King’s Chamber, setting the resonance to arrive at the belly of the Great Pyramid, we come into the ancient fire. Entering the Stargate Ceremony, each take a turn to lay on the sound chamber box. The tone of F# signature of sounding played from a sacred bowl, will provide an energy upgrade to the pineal gland and the light body. The Great Pyramid may have been deliberately ‘tuned’ as a resonator.

Connecting with the Great Sphinx, we open the gate of “time” ceremony. Here, we’ll connect with the Circle of the Neteru, learn about the story of Thutmose III and receive an Oracle Channeling.

DAY 5 (Tuesday, March 21, 2023) – TEL EL-AMARNA

From Cairo, we travel in bus to Tel El-Amarna, the capital city founded by Pharaoh Akhenaten, husband of Queen Nefertiti and father of Tutankhamun from the 18th Dynasty. Tel El-Amarna was the center of the worship of God Aten. This was the first time in Egyptian history when the Egyptians worshiped one God, changing the religion that encouraged worshiping many gods, especially the famous God Amun.

This site covers an extensive area and is widely considered to be one of the most significant archeological discoveries ever made in Egypt. One of the most fascinating aspects of Tell El-Amarna is that it was built to almost mimic a modern city, complete with suburbs and even a main road running through its center. We’ll also visit the northern tombs of the high officials of this period. We’ll dine and stay at Queen Isis Floating Hotel or similar in El Menia.

Tel El-Amarna

Included: Breakfast and dinner. We spend the night in: El Menia.

Akhenaten & Nefertiti

Spiritual Practice: This is a very special place in Egyptian History, as the Star people interacted and mixed themselves with humans. This is a good time to talk story and do a shamanic journey to the time of Amarna.

DAY 6 (Wednesday, March 22, 2023) – ABYDOS & DENDERA TEMPLE

Breakfast, then visit Abydos by bus. Abydos Temple – considered the cult center of the God Osiris (God of the dead) – was built by Seti I and his son Ramses II. Over the centuries pilgrims came to Abydos with offering pots to ask for a blessing from the beloved Osiris. Today it is one of the most amazing sites in Egypt.

In the remains of the Osirion Temple, there are Flower of Life symbols painted on the inside of one of the monoliths. The Flower of Life, the most important symbols of sacred geometry, contains a type of Akashic Record of all living things and is the visual expression of the connections of life that run through all sentient beings.

Next, we visit the temple of Hathor in Dendera. Hathor is the Goddess of heaven and love, wife of the celestial God Horus and the Solar God Ra, as well as the mythological mother of their earthly regents, the pharaohs. We’ll also visit the famous circular zodiac ceiling and secret crypts with enigmatic images. Dendera and Abydos Temples are still considered universities of higher learning and ancient Stargates. We continue to Luxor, where we dine and stay at the Hotel Sonesta St. George.

Temple of Abydos

Included: Breakfast and dinner. We spend the night in: Luxor.

Temple of Hathor

Spiritual Practice: We’ll connect with the magical energy of the Abydos Temple, which is a star portal holding the names of all the lineage back to the Egyptian creation (except for Hatshepsut and Akhenaten.) Here we’ll be initiated into the realms of the thinned veil as we enter this opening gate to seek union with the star nations!

On the roof of the Hathor Temple – the birthing temple – there is a solar calendar. During a prayer circle, we’ll set intentions to clear old patterns and any health issues, becoming ready to enter the process of rebirthing.

DAY 7 (Thursday, March 23, 2023) – KARNAK & LUXOR TEMPLES

Early breakfast to visit Karnak Temple, the biggest one among all the ancient temples and the most important place of worship in all Egypt. Karnak was dedicated to the grandiose holy family, a trinity of gods: Amon, Mut and Khonsu. It was said that the ancient ones built these huge columns – that seems to reach the stars – with special stones. The purpose was to collect and store the energies of the daily sacred singing and chanting done at dawn, while the priests and priestess walked down the processional path to the Holy of Holies. The stored energy within the columns would fill the Temple spaces, energizing those who visited this sacred Temple throughout the day.

Within Karnak Temple, we’ll also visit the sanctuary of the Neter Sekhmet, a warrior Goddess as well as Goddess of healing. She is represented with a Lioness head in a woman’s body, wearing a sun disk over her head. Next, we’ll visit and connect with a small chamber called “The Holy of Holies” which is the heart and the most sacred spot in all of Egypt since on this pedestal sat a statue of God Amon-Ra, Egypt’s God of gods.

At sunset, we visit the famous Luxor Temple built by Amenhotep III and completed by Tutankhamun and Horemheb and then added to by Rameses II. Here we can appreciate the remaining famous granite obelisk built by Ramses II, while the other one is in Paris. Luxor was the capital of Egypt from the 12th dynasty. 
After this magnificent day, we check in our 5* cruise ship.

Temple of Karnak

Included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner. We spend the night in: Cruise ship.

Temple of Luxor

Spiritual Practice: We prepare to take in the Sun Rise Transmission at the Mother Stone. This sacred stone was in front of all the pillars before the temple was built. We go through the Middle Pillars in a ceremonial state to strengthen our walk in this life, an Osirian Rite. We enter the Temple of Sekhmet to receive her blessing rights. We continue into the Holy of Holies to honor the Isis ritual of the Sun.

Optional: To see the Sound and Light Show at Karnak Temple. The cost is $50, which includes the entrance ticket, transportation, taxes, and agent’s services.


Today we visit the Valley of the Kings, a necropolis (“city of the dead”) of 63 tombs used to house the bodies and belongings of many pharaohs from Thutmose I to Ramesses X or XI. The most famous are the tomb of Tutankhamun, found intact and stocked full of jewelry, statues, weapons, and the Pharaoh’s chariot. But the real treasure was the magnificently decorated sarcophagus, with the young king’s remains inside. Pharaoh Ramses II (The Great) was also buried here.

Next, we visit the Temple of famous Queen Hatshepsut, the fifth pharaoh of the 18th dynasty. She was the first woman to take the title King of Upper and Lower Egypt, as no title existed for the female equivalent. This controversial ruler was the daughter of Thutmose I and wife of her half-brother Thutmose II who died young.

Consequently, the throne went to his infant son, Thutmose III. However, Hatshepsut assumed the title and full powers of a pharaoh herself, becoming co-ruler of Egypt with Thutmose III.

Our last visit is to the Colossi of Memnon, two 60 ft. statues representing Amenhotep III. The statues depicting the seated king were carved from single blocks of sandstone. They were built not only as guardians for the pharaoh’s mortuary complex (which once stood behind them,) but also, through a kind of sympathetic magic, to allow the king to inhabit them and receive strength and sustenance from the symbolic imagery. We will also visit an Alabaster factory. After lunch, we sail to Edfu.

Temple of Hatshepsut

Included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner. We spend the night in: Cruise ship.

Colossi of Memnon

Spiritual Practice: The Valley of the Kings is the entrance of the underworld, a forbidden place of the past where the inner chambers of the death rites are not to be seen by human eyes. This is a walk of transmutation -we started when passing through the veil into the Holy of Holies – of entering the sacred threshold of resurrection. We’ll receive a class on the cruise about the Egyptian Death Rites and the Pyramid Rites.

Optional: Take an aerial view of beautiful Luxor’s West Bank and most of the ancient monuments of Thebes from aboard a “hot air balloon.” This adventure begins at 4 am, before sunrise, and has a cost of $100.
Optional: Visit the Tomb of Tut Ankh Amon. The cost is $20.

DAY 9 (Saturday, March 25, 2023) – EDFU: TEMPLE OF HORUS

The Edfu Temple is one of the best preserved of all the historical sites. This temple was dedicated to Horus, the falcon-headed sky God, considered the protector of the pharaohs. Most of the library of Alexandria including most of the scrolls, were stored here before they were taken to Alexandria. Ancient Egypt created a harmonious cosmology of conscious spiritual reality based on direct knowingness of the natural laws of the Universe. This Temple is energetically connected to Dendera where the meaning of Divine Union within self was taught.

Next, we sail to visit the dual Temple of Kom Ombo dedicated to two gods: Horus the Divine Hawk and Sobek the Crocodile God (God of fertility.) Both symbolize the duality of our own higher and lower natures. This temple was also known for its healing powers and people made pilgrimages to be healed. We continue sailing to Aswan.

Temple of Horus

Included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner. We spend the night in: Cruise ship.

Temple of Kom Ombo

Spiritual Practice: Temple of Horus is a place of ancient esoteric knowledge and learning. If allowed, we would create a circle in the outer courtyard to do a meditation to the God Horus asking to open the portal to ancient knowledge contained within the walls of this temple. We open our solar plexus to receive the inner messages.

In Kom Ombo – Temple of Medicine and home to Sobek – we circle up near the back of the temple to journey to the ancient school of medicine, to receive and give an energy healing session to one another through vibrational touch. We go to the offering pool of Sobek to pray for good life and strength.

DAY 10 (Sunday, March 26, 2023) – ABU SIMBEL

After breakfast we go to Abu Simbel by bus. These magnificent Temples were commissioned by Pharaoh Ramses II. He chose this site because it was already sacred to Hathor, Goddess of motherhood, joy, and love. Here we’ll visit The Great Temple built to honor Ramses himself and dedicated to the God Re-Horakhty. This temple was aligned to the East, allowing the sun to shine directly into the sanctuary of The Great Temple to illuminate the statues of Ramesses and Amun. Only Ptah, the God of the Underworld, remains in darkness all year round.

Next, we visit the Small Temple built for Queen Nefertari, beloved wife of Ramses II. Usually, the wives’ statues never measured higher than the Pharaoh’s knees, but for the first time Nefertari’s statues was carved the same size as the image of the Pharaoh himself.

Due to the construction of the Aswan High Dam and consequently the flooding of Lake Nasser, these sacred temples were at risk of being submerged in the Nile River. In a massive undertaking they were relocated to a plateau on the cliffs, placing them in the original orientation they held to each other and the sun. We return to Aswan to visit an Egyptian perfumes and oils place from the pharaonic period. We finish our day returning to our cruise ship.

Temple of Ramses II

Included: Breakfast, lunch box, and dinner. We spend the night in: Cruise ship.

Temple of Queen Nefertari

Spiritual Practice: If possible, we will go to the inner chamber of the Temple of Ramses II to embrace the veil of life of the ancient Kings of Egypt. This is done in honor of an ancient Egyptian rite of passage.

DAY 11 (Monday, March 27, 2023) – PHILAE ISLAND: TEMPLE OF ISIS

After breakfast, we check out from the cruise ship, and we embark to visit Philae Island. The grandeur of the Temple of Isis is where ancient Egyptians venerated Isis, Osiris and Horus and sought healing through prayer from the mystical Egyptian Goddess. Built by Nectanebo, Isis Temple was later enlarged into a great temple by a series of Egyptian rulers and a Roman Emperor. Philae Island, like Abu Simbel, was also threatened to be inundated by the waters of the Aswan High Dam. The temples were dismantled, and each block carefully re- assembled in a similar orientation on Agilka since renamed Philae. Next, we’ll enjoy a Felucca sail, which is a traditional wooden sailing boat used in the eastern Mediterranean, in Egypt, Sudan, and Iraq. Moreover, we’ll visit a Nubian village, the House of Spices and experience an exciting camel ride. We couldn’t finish our journey along the sacred Nile River, without having a “water purification ritual.” We check in our hotel, Isis Island or Tolip in Aswan.

Temple of Isis

Included: Breakfast and dinner. We spend the night in: Aswan.

Felucca Sailing

Spiritual Practice: The Temple of Isis offers a sacred connection with the divine goddess energies, who can grant healing and awaken our full potential as we journey on the Nile. However, because it was moved from its original location, its resonance is off. We’ll perform the dance of Isis, which is a simple labyrinth walk done in group to help realign some of the off energy felt here.

We’ll honor the Rites of Water Cleanse in the Nile in a traditional rite of cleaning the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies called Tapiwai.


After breakfast we take our flight to return to Cairo. Later today we visit the busy and colorful open-air Khan El-Khalili bazaar, filled with unique and exotic items from clothing, spices, perfumes, jewelry, sparkling silverware, gold artefacts and antiques, to stained-glass lamps, incense, and handmade accessories. We stay at the Hotel Movenpick 6 of October.

Khan El-Khalili Market

Included: Breakfast and dinner. We spend the night in: Cairo.

Mariscela & Theodore welcome you!

Spiritual Practice: In preparation for tomorrow, we’ll gather in the evening to talk about the Necropolis of Sakkara, Pharaoh Zoser and his teachings now as an Ascended Master. We’ll also share our journey and realizations before we bring the trip to a final circle.

DAY 13 (Wednesday, March 29, 2023) – DAHSHUR: RED & BENT PYRAMIDS. SAQQARA

This morning we travel to Dahshur, an ancient royal necropolis and home to some of Egypt’s best-preserved pyramids, the Dahshur pyramids. First, we visit the Red Pyramid, also called the North Pyramid, built during the reign of pharaoh Sneferu from the 4th dynasty and father of King Cheops (Khufu) who has been attributed the building of the Great Pyramid. Built from red limestones measuring about 33 ft in length, it is believed to be Egypt’s first successful attempt at building a smooth-sided pyramid.

Next, we visit the Bent Pyramid, the second pyramid built by Sneferu. It is known for its very unusual shape and design and for its legacy as other steppingstones for the building of future pyramids.

We visit Memphis, the first capital of Egypt after the unification. Here we can see a colossal statue of Ramses II carved from limestone. Originally, the statue was one of a pair. The second one was restored to its full height in 2018 and was transferred to its final resting place at the entrance of the Grand Egyptian Museum. While in Memphis we’ll also see the Alabaster Sphinx.

Last, we visit Saqqara, part of the necropolis of the ancient Egypt city of Memphis. Here we see the Step Pyramid of King Zoser (Djoser) from the 3rd dynasty. This is the first pyramid in Egypt constructed by Imhotep, an Egyptian architect, physician, astrologer, and Chief Minister to Zoser. We end our exploration in Saqqara by visiting the Pyramid of Teti. We finish our day by visiting a Carpet School. We stay at the Hotel Movenpick 6 of October. We gather for our Farewell Dinner as we return home tomorrow.

Bent Pyramid

Included: Breakfast and dinner. We spend the night in: Cairo.

Step Pyramid

Spiritual Practice: We’ll do a resonance meditation with the sacred bowl at a tone of F# signature of sounding, either at the Bent Pyramid or at the healing wall in Saqqara. This will be our final act of resurrection of light to carry home with us. Tonight, we’ll close our circle with a meditation for protection on our journey home and to infuse in a cellular patterning within our auric fields, all the ceremonies, initiations, and activations we’ve received in this sacred land that holds the key to the truth of our origins.

Day 14 (Thursday, March 30, 2023) – RETURN HOME

After breakfast, departure to the airport according to your scheduled flight.

* Itinerary could be subject to change: Due the remote areas we are traveling, weather, bad roads, and other unforeseen situations, may cause us to make changes in the schedule or to visit different sites. We understand if this happens, Pachamama will guide us where she wants to take us!