Jade’s Story

“For years, I was struggling in my life and in High School to the point that many people thought I was crazy or ‘it was all in my head.’ My mind was so powerful that I could not control the voices I was hearing. Suddenly, my legs were paralyzed to the point I couldn’t even walk.  I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and placed into a mental institution for a week. That means either I was on the border of having schizophrenia or I was by polar. I just loved hearing that. No one understood that the voices were getting worse and that they were interfering with my life.  I felt so alone.

My mom encouraged me to pick out a hypnotist and that’s when I saw Mariscela’s ad in the Insight Directory.  She looked very sweet and compassionate and I knew she just wasn’t going to do it for the money. I felt that she actually cared for me and wanted to help me the best she could. When my mom and I met her and she made me feel very comfortable and NOT crazy. She explained to me what my condition was and how she was going to help me. She said that she believed me, but I was the one who could stop this, and she would support me and help me the best she could. My first session was very powerful and scary, but successful.

Everything was going great, when unexpectedly my dad passed away and I thought that was the last straw to my very existence. Mariscela also worked with me on that trauma and now I am doing a lot better. I no longer have those feelings of not wanting to belong in this world because now I am not alone and I know that I control my destiny.

I have graduated from High School and am moving on with my life. Mariscela guided me to change my whole life in about 6 sessions that the therapists or doctors I was seeing for years could never do. I am so relieved that there is a person out there who was willing to help me and NOT put me on medication. A part of me is still surprised this actually occurred and I beat it.  Now I am just living my life the way I want to live it.”

Thank you,

Jade P., Grass Valley